Civilians Would you like professional advice along with shared input and group support. How about the feeling of having your own design team to consult at a fraction of the cost?  

I get it, There are clients out there who aren’t necessarily looking for full decorating service or even a staging plan for that matter. Some clients truly have a decorator/stager eye but find that they want or need some guidance or a second opinion from time to time. 

What if you could get instant feedback on that lamp you’ve been dreaming of at Pier One Instead of your hubby saying “yeah that works, or teen saying it looks nice. . .”

My “Consult & Create” membership is perfect for you! Those who need ongoing design advice on an as-needed basis, and not necessarily all at once. It is for clients who need more than just a 2-hour in-home consultation but don’t want or need full service.

Professionals – How about a space where designers and stagers who enjoy lending occasional input to others can do so.  A space to show off your skills and expertise without pushing sales.

Or, maybe you work solo and would enjoy team support yourself. . .

How would it feel to make a commission from members that you refer? (See Details Here)

Consult and create is a space for civilians and professionals to connect. When civilian members need hands-on in-home assistance beyond the virtual membership you will already have a relationship and connection via this shared membership space.

Membership is only $26.50 per month. The 1st month is FREE and you may cancel at any time.  Use the pay pal link below to join us! Once payment is confirmed apply to join the private Facebook group and you’ll be welcomed in! 


This membership is a fit for:

  • The housewife taking on a room in the home.
  • Realtors doing your own staging and designing.
  • DIY project goers
  • New stagers and designers
  • Current stagers and designers who want to work with a team of sorts.


  • Private Facebook Members Group
  • Professional advice on any project
  • Objective group input and support
  • Monthly Interior Decorating lesson straight from a Certified Interior Decorating (CID) certified course.
  • Meet and connect with local professionals
  • Professionals will have theme days to showcase and share business links
  • Professionals may sign up to be ambassadors of the group and run the group 1 week out of each month.