Let’s Talk Function

Function before fashion

This site is dedicated to interior staging, design, and decoration so let’s start at the beginning, and let’s talk function. It’s a conversation and a consideration that should take place before anything else happens.  You MUST consider the purpose of a space before you can design and style it. I mean you would not want to put your fine china in an entryway that sustains a door slam every time your 10yr old goes out to play.

We all want the latest colors and trendiest styles but depending on the use of the room they just may not be a good fit.  This stage of the process is about common sense. Making smart choices based on needs of those who will use the space.

Is your space supporting or hindering you?

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When you think function think about the current routine of your day in that space. Take time to note what’s working and what you would like to improve for better results. For instance, do you need more counter space in the kitchen or more storage?  Who spends more time in that room kids, adults or time spent equally. What actions or activities take place in that room?

Emotional Comfort & Physical Ease

With function as an anchor, you can better select design, fabrics, colors, and accessories. Keeping function in place you will better pick items for the space that require less maintenance and have better durability for the use of the room. You aren’t drawn into an emotional battle of keeping it balanced when it’s designed and styled to work from the start. You have greater physical ease when upkeep has a natural flow of your daily life in the space.

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