Consult & Create

Civilians - A monthly membership for those who aren't necessarily looking for full decorating service or even a staging plan for that matter. Get instant feedback on your ideas and questions for your specific projects. Enjoy the group support of your co-members and receive a monthly Interior decorating lesson straight from a Certified Interior Decorating {CID} course. Professionals - A space to connect with clients and lend support without pushing sales. When clients need hands-on in-home assistance you will have a working relationship and connection via this shared member space. Anyone may sign on to be an affiliate an earn commission on members they refer! Only $26.50 per month cancel at any time the 1st month is FREE! Click the read more button to learn more and join.

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Consultation $140 - $250

Consultation is mandatory before any project begins. Consultation allows an assessment of the needs and expectations for your project along with budget and deadlines. During walk and talk consultation your space is photoed, noted and you receive a full report complete with a DIY suggestion list as well as a service suggested list. Consultations are paid in advance. Should you change your mind and not want service half of the consultation fee is refundable with "proper' cancellation. Proper cancellation is 48hrs in advance by phone call or e-mail.

Occupied Home Staging

Occupied Home Staging requires up to a 2 hour walkthrough consultation. During the walk-thru of your home, it is assessed for what needs to be done. We work with your furniture and accessories (you would be surprised on what you have in your home that we can use) and rearrange, depersonalize and emphasize your home’s best features and focal points for selling. Only when necessary, do we bring in our own accessories to ensure that your home is dressed to sell and that it makes a good first impression to buyers. Cost for this service is based on types and number of rooms to be staged. If we have to use our accessories to stage your property a monthly rental fee will apply. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you with our occupied home staging service.

2 Hour Touch Up Service

Our 2 Hour Touch Up service is for occupied homes up to 2,400 sq ft. This is a perfect service for anyone who wants, or needs, a freshened up look when selling a home or living in the home. This requires up to a 1 hour walk through consultation. We will create a fresh new look with the items a client already has in their home. The service includes up to 2-hours touch-up service of 3 key rooms. We will work on rearranging furniture, re-purposing existing decor items, hanging and rearranging art, organizing bookshelves and editing personal and decor items. Service includes up to 3 key rooms. Our 2-Hour Touch-Up service is ideal for open houses, special events, holiday preparation, getting a home market ready or for senior citizens who need some assistance. The service does not include moving over-sized furniture or packing of items. If you need to move over-sized or heavy items, we can refer service providers for this. Contact us to get additional information on our 2-Hour Touch-Up service and cost.

Scene Staging

Scene Staging is a lower cost option to home staging. This requires up to 1 hour walk through consultation. This is an exclusive home staging service that we provide. This service uses scenes to stage a vacant room/home. A handful of furniture or decorative items in each room -vs- furnishing and staging the entire room. This is also a great service for investors. By using minimal or no furniture and using accessories to set an interesting, inviting scene, scene staging provides a purpose to a room. Our scenes allow home buyers to visualize how a room can be used and how they may live in that room without just looking at a vacant room. Prices are based on the number of rooms to be staged. There is a monthly rental fee for the furniture and accessories that we place in the home. Contact us on how you can best use scene staging in your vacant home.

Interior Re-Design

Want a fresh look? Are your rooms looking unfinished? We will work with your furniture and accessories and give your rooms a new look. We use your items from throughout your home to create new furniture arrangements, floor plans and then accessorize your rooms to create flow, interest and most importantly a room that fits your lifestyle. The cost for this service is based on the number of rooms to be staged. This requires up to a 1 hour walk through consultation. This service is also great for holiday decorating of any holiday. Contact us learn more about our interior redesign services.

Interior Decorating

Do you need help with the interior decorating of your home? Do you have the bones but not the extra stuff that makes your rooms beautiful? Do you want your home to be beautiful but you don’t have the time to shop and get it all done? We can decorate your home the way you like. We start off with up to a 2 hour walk through consultation and a questionnaire to learn about your specific design style and taste; we then come up with a design board that is e-mailed to you for approval; we then go shopping and bring the design to life! Contact us for more information and pricing!

Vacant Home Staging

We stage your vacant home with furniture and accessories to make your home more visually attractive. Almost 90% of home buyers cannot visualize how their furniture will fit in an empty room. Vacant home stages requires up to a 2 hour walk through consultation. By staging a visually pleasing space home buyers can conceptualize how their furniture and accessories will work in a room. Prices are based on size of home and amount of furniture that needs to be placed in each room. Our staging fees include, 1 month minimum furniture rental, hands on staging, and pick/up delivery fee. We have a unique partnership with a local furniture store. Homes costing $1 million or more will require a 2 month minimal rental period and fit into our luxury staging package. Contact us for more information or pricing for our vacant home staging service.